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Why are serviced apartments preferred by travelling corporate executives?

Well for starters, who doesn’t want a comfortable place to wind down after a long day’s work. While hotels have a certain aura to them ,corporate executives who spend most part of their day in the lime light always opt to have a quiet meal at the end of the day watching some telly or finishing up some work , just like any of us would like to do . They are all human too after all.

An apartment also provides them the privacy and discretion to meet with colleagues and peers in a more relaxed envoirenemt to go over their plans or strategies for a business venture in the pipe line. At times, an apartment is preferred because they are looking at a more family friendly atmosphere if they travelling with their significant other or even with their families.

Specific facilities directed to accommodate corporates and business and executives

There is really no set time for them to work as something is always on the mind and in order to accommodate their work schedules are apartments are enabled with High speed broadband Internet and Complimentary TV Channels such as BBC, CNN and a host of other news and business oriented channels so that they can be up to speed in whatever the industry they are invested in. Because they are always on the go, there are also town cars and taxis that the frond desk can call up for you. So that is one more thing taken care of for you.

Business people often travel light but appearances must be kept. That is why all apartments are inclusive of the washer and dryer in addition to the Steam iron and ironing board. There are many who subscribe to the in house laundry service during the tenure of their stay too.

Service apartments Singapore that are targeted at business individuals have more expansive recreational aspects too. Fully stocked bars, private pool tables, gyms, tennis courts, Jacuzzis and indoor pools are few of the very common perks available. Some even allow pets and free parking in the premises for the duration for the duration of the stay.

How reliable is the housekeeping services?

If the unit is cleaned in your absence there will be a supervisor present while the cleaning happens. All apartments recruit staff for properties with high net worth clients only upon a background check that will eliminate the probability of an irregularity taking place. In the event you are suspicious of any foul play you can always take it up with the management who would look into resolving it for you.


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