Horrible home staging mistakes you need to avoid

Getting a property sold in the present isn’t that easy. That’s due to the availability of too many options. But then again, good things are anyways good. Your goal should be to make the buyers feel that your property/ house is the best place they can go for, even if they went checking for the next 10 premises. In doing so, house staging is absolutely vital. Doing it right is even more important.

Here are 5 staging mistakes to avoid at all costs.

  1. Not removing personal photographs

When a potential buyer walks into any sort of a property, you must prepare the environment in such a way that they can imagine themselves living there. There’s absolutely nothing that destructs this imagination more than them seeing your personal photographs all over the place. You’re about to sell the place to someone else, hence you need to ensure that these photographs are not in the vicinity as long as they’re in the place.

  1. Not getting proper furniture

If you feel like that the property lacks enough furniture, it’s probably because it does. But does this mean that you need to purchase them? No. There are too many auxiliary services that allows you to hire all the furniture in the world and these services specifically are there for house staging.

  1. Over-staging

Have you ever seen people who have overdressed or even done their make up too much? It’s not a pretty sight. This is why you need to do make sure that the staging process doesn’t go overboard. After all, over staging would consume space and make it look extremely unfavorable for a potential buyer.

  1. Doing it on your own

It doesn’t matter how creative you were, if you want to get your property sold for the best price, you need to hire a professional stager. Given their experience and the professionals’ network, you have the highest chance to meet your expectations, or even more. But you need to be quite careful when you’re making the selection. Why? For an instance, you don’t want your house to be an experiment for an amateur; it’s a loss you don’t want to sustain.

  1. Not doing a nice photo and video shoot

Social media platforms are great places to do a fire marketing job. But if you didn’t do it right, it’s not going to be effective. But imagine the exposure you’d have by having a sponsored post on the news feed of thousands. Ensure that a nice set of photos and videos go there and it will work like a magic.


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